iPhone Quick Start Documentation for DAEnetIP1


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The DAEnetIP1 app uses the standard Settings app on iOS to manage the basic network settings so that it can communicate with the hardware controller remotely over the Internet. To set/change the network settings, go to the built-in Settings on the iOS device then open up the DAEnetIP1 settings.

Network Address

The actual IP address of the hardware controller or a domain name that resolves to the correct address.

Port Number

The TCP port that the controller listens on

Network Password

The SNMP community string


How to name the buttons and gauges?

The DAEnetIP1 app reads the Description string assigned to each port on the controller and uses this string as the label of the corresponding button or gauge on the app’s screen. To set/change the labels, use the controller’s web interface to set the Description field for the corresponding port. Be mindful not to use names that are too long to fit on the app’s screen.


How to tell if a port is on or off?

The DAEnetIP1 app uses icons to indicate ports that have been turned on. A quick tap on a button will toggle the corresponding port on or off.


What are those little red bubbles with a number in it?

Those are badges that indicate there is a delay timer set for the corresponding port. With a timer set on a port, if toggled the port will automatically revert its status back after N seconds. N being the number in the badge.


How to set/change the delay timer?

You can set the timers on the ports via the controller’s web interface or you can set them directly in the app. Do set/change the timers in the app, set a finger on the corresponding button then slide the finger in any direction until a slider bar comes up. Then use the slider to set the timer’s value for the corresponding port. Zero is to disable the timer and remove the badge from the button.


How to refresh/sync the app’s status with the controller?

The app will automatically refresh/sync with the controller every time when it’s launched. Users can force a refresh by switching the between the tabs.

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