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  1. I am using my board to control outdoor lighting at a vacation home. The Android application on my phone allowes me to have the property lit up at night when we arrive with family. Works great!

  2. Hi,
    I am looking at purchasing this along with the Hardware and replacing the Beverage dispensing Buttons on my fridge with a 7″ Android Tablet. I want to use this app to control the dispensing solenoids in the fridge.
    I have some questions;
    Is it possible to press the button to operate and press again to stop, or do I have to select the button then press the other button and vice versa to stop. (makes it tricky when dispensing)
    I would also like to change the actual graphics of the button to show, say Cola Logo, Jim Beam Logo etc?
    How do I setup Pressure monitoring and Temp monitoring so that I can monitor the Beer kegs?

    Looking forward to this project.


  3. I just want to know, I want to buy this board SNMP Ethernet controller with 24 digital/analog I/O……but:

    1. can I connect this board with my Visual Basic system?
    2. can I modify the android app to make it suitable with my Visual Basic System?

  4. I am sorry, we do not have any information about your VB system to answer your question. Modification of the Android app can only be done through the configurations provided with in the application itself, please see the documentation on the website.

    • Thank You for reply, if i got any problem to connect the board with my VB, can we discuss the problem here, or i need to go another web site that can be place my code there? sorry for inconvenience, this is my 1st project…

        • Hi, i already buy that board, but now i dont know how to test the board, i just want to control on/off LED, can you give me a sample VB code for on/off?? i try to download the vb.net express 2010 on the denkovi website, and he said if I want to download the sample, I need to contact their company but i already send my email many time and they dint reply, i hope someone can help me, i also try to contact via skype but still dint get any reply…

  5. Hello,
    I has one DAEnetIP2 Relay Board with 16 I / O. I bought your software for Android. My problem is, the relay drops out alone after 3/4 minutes and the interface is not informed. This occurs for 16 relays. I feel that there is a timer. Problem is how to manage …
    Thank you in advance. stafi200@gmail.com

    • The DAEnetIP2 board does have a timing capability. A timer continuously cycles based on the number of minutes you set in the “Timeout for monitoring modes”. With the “Number of consecutive restarts” set to 255, each time the clock counts down to 0 it resets all relays to OFF. If you set a relay with 10 seconds left, it will be reset when the 10 seconds run out. I played with it a little. To enable the timing go to settings from the web setup and enable “Restart on remote address timeout“. Be sure to note your current settings so you can configure your board back correctly. If this setting is enabled, then this is why all of your relays are turning off after a time period. The Android application has no timing functions built in at this time.

  6. I buy this board from Denkovi Website, SNMP Ethernet controller with 24 digital/analog I/O, and want to use it with my VB system

    now i have a switch and when the switch is pressed, a checkbox on my VB system is checked.

    So, i hope someone can show me what code can i use for it….please help me

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